A perfect match every time
We service a range of industries including, automotive, fashion, and home furnishing - for both industrial and residential settings. Whatever yarn type, count, color and composition you're seeking, we have the operational capability to develop a product that suits your manufacturing needs.



Today's prefered product, Hemlon® Criss Cross is best considered for home furnishing, knitting, suiting, sarees and dress materials due to its super resilient and high fill power properties. Customers can create multi-tone effect in the fabrics using our Criss Cross yarn technology.



Clothes should be as fresh and spring, and that's exactly what Hemlon® Fresh Star delivers. Endowed with properties like anti-sweat, antimicrobial and antifungal, Fresh Star finds its applications in intimate wear, socks, work uniforms, bedspreads, car seats, and upholstery.



Products made with Hemlon® Spun Star offers the much desired cotton look and feel to the fabric. Unique deep, soft handle and dry touch - the unique attributes of Hemlon® Spun Star make it ideal for shirting, fine counts top wear, denims, suiting, bottoms, towels and bedsheets.



Flame Star is a special group of flame retardant yarns developed to combine comfort and safety without compromising on the quality. This advanced product is produced with modified polyester that contains a flame retardant component, best suited to be used for hospitality, transport and home textiles industries.



Sustainable, recycled and certified, Hemlon® Green Star is a unique system of recycled polyester filament yarns coming 100% from postconsumer bottles. It's incredible flexibility allows vast number of application such as fashion, speciality sportswear, technical clothing, medical garments, and furnishings.



A perfect polyester yarn that can be dyed at extremely low temperature & pressure. It’s rate of dyeing is also much faster than any regular polyester fibre that automatically results cost saving. Offering strength & sustainability, Dye Star by Hemlon® is suitable for manufacturing of shirts, stretch fabrics, cotton blend fabrics & sports apparels.



Dual Core by Hemlon® are special product based on patented technologies from INVISTA. Products with patented LYCRA® Dual Core® technology boast high degree of dimensional stability that allow end products to retain their shape for a longer period of time.



Hemlon® Hemspan (HSP) is a gen next stretch polyester yarn offered with elastomeric yarns. Demonstrating properties like performance and flexibility, HSP can produce wide range of fabrics ranging from specialised activewear to automotive upholstery.



Hemlon® Auto Star is meticulously engineered for applications where shade matching is very critical. This specially designed product works as per the customer's imagination and requirement.